The Promotion Committee had requested a survey of the membership to seek guidance on two distinct questions.  The purpose of this survey was merely to get membership feedback and was not a vote.

The survey opened on January 6, 2019 and ran until January 27, 2019 at 5 pm.   There was a response of only 129 members on question 1.  This represents less than 15% of Suppression members.  Similarly, in the first phase of the Committee report, only 68 members noted problems with the current promotion system, and in the second phase only 33 members proposed solutions to the problems posed.

The results are:

129 votes on Question:  Would you prefer that all promotional lists:

53% (69) votes- Remain as non-expiring lists (ie once you are on a list you remain until you are promoted)

47% (60) votes- Lists should expire in a pre-set time


135 votes on Question:  If promotional lists were to expire would you prefer that those lists expire in:

41% (55) votes- Two Years

23% (31) votes- Three Years

36% (49) votes- None of the above